DW Starr - Interview Questions

( here are some sample questions you can use during your interview with DW )

Change and Business Growth Expert

1. You are known as a “Change and Business Growth Expert” And your tag line is “When Change Means Business” What do you mean by that?

2. What qualifies you to be the expert on Change?

3. Why is it so important that we as individuals or businesses need to embrace and have a decided approach on handling change?

4. What unique problems do you see with companies and individuals around dealing with change?

5. You’ve defined in a very interesting and simple way how folks can see how they and others come at change. Tell us about that.

6. So you’ve made that available for people – this QUIZ that helps them assess where they are – ie; what shape they are – in how THEY handle change. Where do they go for that and tell us about that?

7. There’s an expert formula you’ve developed out of your 30 years as a leading sales producer and a Change and Business Growth Keynote Speaker and Consultant helping companies and their Leadership and Teams with change. Tell us about your “5 STARR Formula for CHAMPIONING CHANGE”.

8. You also have a daily 18 Day Video Download our audience can get, tell us how that helps a Leader be more effective with their Change Leadership.

9. Can you give us examples of how your approach has helped companies or individuals?

10. You wrote the book on change, When CHANGE Means BUSINESS literally, and have some helpful tools to deal with change. Please give us some examples.

11. You go into companies and work with their leaders and teams on championing change and help them get exponential growth as a result. How can our folks contact you to learn more….?